In the first, general part, we want to show the possibilities to change your CO2 footprint and the importance of personal commitment.

WHy is this relevant?

To limit global warming to below 2°C, rethinking and radical changes are required at all levels. As an individual, you can serve as a role model and communicator – by living alternatives, openly communicating your concerns and engaging in discussions. But this will not be enough; structural changes have to happen! They have to be demanded by as a prerequisite for successfully dealing with the climate crisis.

That’s why it’s important not to get discouraged. Whether you like cycling, repairing old stuff or blocking coal-fired power plants – getting involved in a cause is fun and doubly so with motivated fellow (new) friends!

What can I do?
  • Take your friends to the next climate demonstration
  • Talk about Fridays4Future at your next family reunion
  • Calculate how much CO2 you emit
  • Before you buy something new, repair it or buy it used
  • Find out which organization/group suits you best

Every German generates an average of approx. 10t CO2 emissions per year, approx. 20 times more than a person from Bangladesh.

The greatest impact, however, comes from changes at the system level! By changing the overarching conditions, positive changes can be implemented quicker and on a broader level.

You can find fellow campaigners who can inspire, support and motivate you at the following groups, organizations and events.

You will find more university groups and Munich initiatives in our Sustainable City Map!

At university

Umweltreferat der TUM
Umweltreferat der LMU
InnovationsGeist, LMUgrün
Students for Future
Hochschultage Ökosoziale
Marktwirtschaft & Nachhaltigkeit
Netzwerk Hochschule & Nachhaltigkeit

Other groups in Munich

Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung e.V.: Nachhaltigkeit in Bildung einbringen
Green City e.V.: Die Stadt nachhaltig gestalten
Netzwerk Klimaherbst e.V.: Veranstaltungen
Kartoffelkombinat eG.:
solidarische Landwirtschaft
rehab republic e.V.: zukunftsfähige Gesellschaft
LBV e.V.: Vogelschutz
Extinction Rebellion: Klimagerechtigkeit
Commit e.V.: u.a. Orte des Wandels
Bergwaldprojekt e.V.: Bäume pflanzen
adfc e.V.: Allgemeiner dt. Fahrrad-Club

Umweltinstitut München e.V.: Umweltschutz

foodsharing: Lebensmittel-Rettung

Bergwaldprojekt e.V.: Bäume pflanzen

Cool City

BUND Naturschutz e.V.

Ende Gelände: Klimagerechtigkeit

Greenpeace: Umwelt-Organisation

Munich Cool City – Together for a better climate

Munich Cool City is the climate protection campaign of the City of Munich, which together with clubs and associations as well as many other actors motivates and inspires citizens for climate protection and a sustainable lifestyle.

Why does Munich have to be ‘cool’ for this, you ask?

First and foremost, we want our city to remain “cool,” because global warming caused by climate change particularly affects large cities with a lot of built-up areas like Munich. But the campaign also shows that commitment is “cool” because with Munich Cool City, climate protection becomes feasible and tangible for everyone. In alternating theme years, the climate protection campaign offers a wealth of information, opportunities and incentives to integrate climate protection into one’s own everyday life: In the Energy theme year, for example, there was the COOL Energy magazine, events and an exciting climate quiz, as well as the successful electricity-saving competition “Münchner Stromsparprämie” (Munich Electricity Saving Bonus), in which around 6,000 citizens registered to save electricity together and thus actively protect the climate as well as entertaining clips by cult comedian Harry G.

Since September 2020, climate protection has met mobility in Munich Cool City: How can we integrate alternative forms of mobility into our everyday lives? How can we change our own mobility behavior in the long term – for more climate and environmental protection, for a future worth living? All Munich residents are invited to try out the wide range of alternative and emission-free forms of mobility via Munich Cool City, thereby discovering Munich from a new, more sustainable side and finding new incentives for their own everyday life. For more information, visit: